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Blue Dream Strain Review

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant marijuana strain with 60% sativa and 40% indica. Originating in California, this legendary strain is a cross between two famous strains: Haze and Blueberry strains.

It boasts a reasonable THC level between 17% and 24% and provides many sativa and indica effects. Because of such effects, this super popular and staple strain, mainly in the medicinal community, can help with health issues, like anxiety and pain. Do you want to know more medicinal uses of this strain? Worry no more because such uses will be discussed later in this review. Keep reading!

Besides medicinal use, the Blue Dream cannabis strain also appeals to potheads and recreational. It derives its name from its sweet and fruity aroma. In addition to its extensive effects, including relaxing, motivating, energizing, and euphoric, this weed strain is potent and pleasant.

Although you can find this strain in various dispensaries across the U.S, doing thorough research for the strain info is advisable. It helps you comprehend the positive effects, adverse effects, and medical use of the strain. Therefore, helping you decide if the Blue Dream is the right strain for your concerns.

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Appearance

Regarding the appearance, Blue Dream strain has looks that do not remind you of a fresh blueberry since it has no hues of purple/blue. Instead, it is a strain that can have sagey-coloured or rich-green colour buds. The strain has frosty trichomes with THC coverage, whereas its pistils have orange and yellow hues.

The strain’s water leaves shades that range from dark green to brown to orange, depending on its distinct subspecies that you grow. As well, the color of the leaves depends on the conditions that this strain is grown.

Blue Dream Weed Strain Fragrance

The first smell of Blue Dream is an overwhelming delectable and scrumptious fruity aroma that gives childhood nostalgia to many, especially those who grew up harvesting berries during the summertime. As well, this strain has an earthy sandalwood fragrance. Typically, this strain has balanced traits from its parents: Haze and Blueberry.

Since this strain has a sharp, hard-hitting aroma, do not expect it to smell like a typical old weed in a container. The strain can also leave traces of its fragrance wherever you go, meaning that you will get out of its high.

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Flavour

Like its fragrance, you can recognize Blue Dream through its unexpected, unique flavour. Tasting this strain leaves you with a sugary sweet blueberries taste that can stay on the tongue for a while after smoking. Such a taste is similar to heavy blueberry flavour; though other strains tend to lean heavier on floral notes.

Positive Effects

Blue Dream is known to offer both sativa and indica effects. Consumers describe this strain as providing an instant onset of an elevating mental high that leaves you motivated and attentive. Along with such effects is a creative energy that creeps in fast and hard. Thus, the user can accomplish tasks without feeling burdened.

What is more, a deep body relaxation high accompanies the above effects to leave you pain and numb free and warm. This strain also is known for happy and euphoric effects to help you be in a good mood. The variety of effects by this strain makes it a lovable and versatile alternative for various smokers. Typically, this strain sells as top-shelf cannabis since its effects and clean genetics work for almost everyone.

Negative Effects

The most prevalent adverse effects reported from this strain are dry eyes and dry mouth. Ensure to drink a lot of liquids if you experience these adverse effects. Using eye drops religiously can also help re-moisturize the eyes.

Besides, some users have experienced paranoia or anxiety after using the Blue Dream. Luckily, you can avoid this by not overindulging in any cannabis and knowing your maximum. It is advisable to pay attention to your body to have a smooth experience.

Medical Use

This strain can be the right treatment for people with chronic stress, persistent pain because of sickness or injury, and depression because of the powerful positive effects. Blue Dream is also an ideal treatment for insomnia, nausea, inflammation, ADHD, headaches, bipolar disorder, and autism.


Blue Dream is a popular strain that is known for its positive effects and medical use. It can help treat a wide range of health issues, helping people lead healthy lives. However, ensure to understand its side effects to take precautions and minimize such adverse effects. Doing so helps you make the most out of this great strain. Also, ensure to do personal research to decide if this strain is the right one for your use.


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