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Chronic Kush Strain Review

Chronic Kush weed strain is an Indica leaning hybrid that delivers a well-rounded high. It’s a strain created through a three-way cross of AK-47, Northern Lights, and Skunk#1. Canadian producers made this marijuana strain to serve as a great all-purpose hybrid. It unveils effects for both Cannabis strain patients and recreational stoners.

THC content is about 14% to 20%, and the weed strain contains high concentrations of CBD. It provides smokers with Indica-heavy high as the hybrid ratio amounts to 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Similar to other Indica hybrids, Chronic Kush marijuana strain will take several minutes before unleashing its mellow effects.

Buds of this weed strain are potent to exert intense head rush, a high cerebral uptick, and tend to leave strange sensations such as throbbing around the temples. Sedative effects associated with this marijuana strain can lessen your bodily tensions. Extreme high ease the stoners into a couch-locked state. In later stages of cerebral high, users become energized and motivated to engage in complex tasks and constructive social engagements.

Those looking to grow this cannabis strain need to obtain clippings from prospective farmers. Clippings are easy to grow and grow healthy under standard Mediterranean environment conditions. Plants of this marijuana strain grow strong, with lateral branches suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Outdoor growers will harvest their session in October while indoor plants mature with 8 to 9 weeks.

Chronic Kush Cannabis Strain Appearance

Buds of the Chronic Kush weed strain are dense, tightly coiled to form a typical indica structure. Its flowers range from small to medium and cling together in clustered formations. Leaves of this strain take a shade of olive green and are covered with vibrant red pistils. A translucent amber trichome coats the inner and outer surfaces of this cannabis strain. It’s a sticky coat to form a dewy, moist tint. plants of this strain pack with few leaves to form a thin structure.

Chronic Kush Weed Strain Fragrance

If properly cured, buds of this strain produce a robust and skunky aroma. When lit, Chronic Kush marijuana strain provides an earthy sweet smell with woodsy notes of pine. When grinding up this weed strain, there is a harsh, spicy scent. The harsh and acrid odour is evidence of Afghani landrace from its staple hybrid AK-47 roots.

Chronic Kush Marijuana Strain Flavour

When Chronic Kush cannabis strain is well combusted, it produces a deep silk smoke, which is acrid. This smoke is reviewed as harsh and is capable of inducing cough. The smoke produced tastes slightly fruity and peppery upon exhale and has a pine aftertaste flavour. This smoke sometimes is very bitter about sustaining.

Positive Effects

The chronic Kush marijuana high takes effect immediately by a fast-paced headspace and freely associative thinking. A mentally stimulated mindset facilitated creative thinking and focused, motivated cerebral thinking. During the initial stages, its ideal complement to routine activities and social engagement.

In a social setting, this cannabis strain high upbeat comes with amusement suited for an engaged conversation. As time progresses, sedating effects appear to reduce any muscular tension and creates a euphoric feeling temporarily. A growing instance of physical relaxation leads to mental clarity and a mellow body buzz. The cerebral high and thinking are long-lasting and confers other medical benefits.

Negative Effects

Consumer reviews report dry mouth to be the most serious adverse effect. The mouth roof naturally feels dehydrated as if it has a thin layer of fur stuck to it. Dry and itchy eyes also come along with Chronic Kush marijuana strain. As high accumulates, various sensory distortion appears with visual and auditory being the most affected. Increased dosage leads to recursive paranoia, and sometimes, a sense of dizziness is felt.

Medical Use

The levels of CBD confer enormous medical benefits. Chronic Kush marijuana strain comes with cerebral thinking that improves coordination and concentration to individuals with attention deficit disorder. The upbeat vibes come with more profound relaxation to alleviate some mild depression symptoms, stress, and anxiety.

The physical effects relieve chronic aches and pains that appear due to severe conditions such as arthritis. The anti-inflammatory features tend to relieve the daily discomforts associated with nausea and cramps. It’s a hybrid to induce increased mental and bodily energy and facilitate mental clarity for a creative mind.


Chronic Kush strain offers well-balanced effects and is suitable for both medical and recreational stoners. It’s heavy-hitting, though well rounded to sustain bot experienced and first-time users. Vibes of high upbeat claims hard, and the excessive consumption will eventually ease you into a cough-lock. Individuals prone to panic or those who want to remain discreet on this weed strain should maintain the recommended dosage. It’s ideal when consumed late in the evening.


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