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King Tut Strain Review

Tutankhamon Cannabis Strain, also known as King Tut, is a cross between King Tut OG and AK-47 Strain.  It is a brainchild of Pyramid Seeds named after a famous Egyptian Pharaoh. King Tut is a Sativa dominant strain with a sour and skunky smell.

It comes in handy in social settings as it helps stimulate creativity to its users. It has a high THC level of between 20% and 25%, though it may vary depending on the producer, it’s generally considered a high THC strain. Thus, leaving the user with a euphoric, happy, focused, uplifting and creative spirit. It is excellent for treating mental and physical body issues such as depression, stress, chronic stress, and PTSD.

This Weed strain grows densely with heavy branching and easy to manage, especially for new growers. Its flowering cycle takes about 60 days, giving a robust yield of crystal-coated spongy buds. It flourishes in both indoor and outdoor conditions. You can expect an indoor output of more than 500grams for every square meter planted and 1.5kg for outdoor cultivation.

It has received good reviews from its users due to its positive medical effects that have helped individuals cope with several underlying ailments. It is considered a daytime strain due to the tremendous cerebral impact it displays on its users.

King Tut Cannabis Strain Appearance

King Tut directly depicts a classic Sativa. This Marijuana Strain has cone-like or spear-shaped light green buds with traces of pale-orange hairs. It also has cotton-like buds with a lot of trichomes. The weed has a gentle coloring because its trichomes are liberally sprinkling the flower’s surface.  With a glance, the buds appear dry and dusty. Specific phenotypes have purple spots that add to the beauty of the plant.

This Marijuana plants generally maintain a short stature and usually reach an approximate height of 75cm. Their small-sized structure makes them ideal for indoor cultivation due to limited space availability. It is an excellent choice for growers who want to keep a low profile and maintain discretion.

King Tut Weed Strain Fragrance

King Tut has a fragrance that closely resembles that of its paternal plants. The Weed Strain has a diluted sweet, earthy, and skunk scent. It starts with a fresh fruity, and sweet aroma that follows with a floral flavour leaving an aftertaste with hints of earthiness. You get to experience its invigorating lavender and black pepper aroma with some small traces of acidity.

King Tut Marijuana Strain Flavour

Its fragrance is a direct representation of its taste. It has an earthy citrus flavour profile that gives its user a great aftertaste. Generally, its flavour is quite a delight to the palate. There are reports of the strain featuring blueberry, raspberry, honey, cranberry, and butterscotch.

King Tut Cannabis Strain Positive Effects

With a high THC level, King Tut’s effects often lie on the cerebral side. The user experiences an intense positive mood shift quite fast and is always happy and excited. Even with the climaxing high, the mind is clear, and you get to explore your creative side due to its high cerebral effect. The brain is jam-packed with never-ending ingenious and thought-provoking ideas while providing a substantial energy boost.

Its couch-lock effect is excellent for sleep-deprived individuals. They can get a full night’s sleep and relax their minds and bodies while getting a pain-numbing result.

This Marijuana Strain is not advisable for beginners to start exploring due to its potent THC level. However, even for experienced users, this strain’s high dosage is not advisable as its psychoactive effects may get out of control.

King Tut Weed Strain Negative Effects

Its adverse effects comprise dry mouth and eyes, generally expected of most Cannabis strains. However, continuously hydrating the body with high amounts of fluids will manage this effect. For the case of dry eyes, consider purchasing a moisturizing eye dropper from a recognized local drug store nearby.

King Tut Cannabis Strain Medical Use

King Tut has a vast range of medical properties that have benefited the medical Cannabis community. It has proven effective in combating chronic pain and depression while exhibiting great potential in treating other conditions like inflammation, stress, insomnia, anxiety, and nausea.


We can safely say that King Tut is among the premium Cannabis strains available in the market. The only limitation of this strain is its scarcity. It is considered an excellent Strain for patients who use Marijuana during the day. However, due to its high potency level, it is best for experienced users.


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