Monster Cookies


AAA | Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa | THC: 21%, CBN: 1%

Monster Cookies Review

Monster Cookies strain is a hybrid of Girl Scouts Cookies and Granddaddy purple. The two-parent strains made this indica-dominant strain indica-dominant with indica to sativa ratio of 80% to 20%.

This marijuana strain contains a moderate amount of THC at 12.5% and 0% CBD. However, THC levels can also go as high as 21%. A combination of THC and the indica is enough to send you deep into a peaceful sleep after a long day.

Despite the low THC levels, Monster Cookies is highly potent. When you smoke marijuana, the psychoactive effects set in gradually before unleashing their full potency; at first, you might get a relaxation effect, but as the effects continue to sink in, the psychedelic effects take over. Novice users should reduce the dosage to keep the THC levels under control.

Differentiating this marijuana strain from others requires keen attention to detail. The leaves are dark green. However, a combination of purple hues and deep blue can also be dominant in the leaves, depending on the environment where the plant is grown. Besides, their coils are tight and sticky. On the other hand, you can easily notice the trichomes from their white short-stalks. Finally, the medium-sized buds sum up a list of features that are easy to notice in Monster Cookies.

A combination of sweet vanilla, dank flavour, sweet, sour cherry, and sweet berry strain a unique scent and taste. The quality of aroma and flavour in this strain depends on the environment where the plant was grown.Monster Cookies Weed Strain Appearance

Monster Cookies lean towards the indica side in terms of appearance. For instance, the flower buds are dark green and are coated with a large layer of trichomes. The trichomes contain orange hairs, which also makes the plant have an appealing sight. Given its indica roots, the plant does not grow tall, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor growth. You are also likely to observe the dense buds, which translates to a high yield.

Monster Cookies Cannabis Strain Fragrance

A mature bud from Monster Cookies weed produces numerous flavours. The most potent scents in this strain are sweet berries and earthy combo, sweet berries, and gassy notes. When you press the buds, a fruity scent takes over the whole place with a spicy undertone.

Monster Cookies Cannabis Strain Flavour

Smoking Monster Cookies strain is an art. The outcome of the smoke depends on how you handle it during the session. Burnt buds from this strain produce a sweet vanilla flavour with notes of fruits. During exhalation, waves of dank, sweet, and sour cherry flavours flow through the tongue, leaving a trail of awesomeness.

Monster Cookies Cannabis Positive Effects

Monster Cookies unleashes several effects that are incomparable to other strains in terms of effectiveness. The first effect that hits you after taking this marijuana is a euphoria wave that sweeps you to high heights.

Once the cloud of anxiety vanishes into your head, a relaxation mood sets in. This mood helps you relax, watching your favorite program after a long day at work. Intake of high doses of this marijuana strain results in sedation effects. The sedation is vital in allowing you to get enough after a long day.

Negative Effects

Monster Cookies come as a full package, including some negative attributes. The strain’s smoke suppresses the production of saliva, leading to cottonmouth. In some cases, the sedative levels might go overboard, knocking you off completely.

Medical Use

There are several medical benefits that you get for using this Monster Cookies strain. First, the calming and relaxing effects are effective in managing anxiety disorders such as panic attacks. The strain helps in the treatment of arthritis, migraines, muscle spasms, and physical injuries.

The lightheadedness that sets in immediately after using this marijuana strain is important in the management of mild depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. This strain also drowns away stress and restores confidence which consequently results to high productivity.

People with insomnia can smoke Monster’s Cookies to induce sleep. When the sedative effects kick in, they impose heavy sleep to beat insomnia.

If you have poor eating habits, you can use this strain to boost your appetite.


Monster Cookies’ ascension in popularity shows its effectiveness and how people are confident in its recreational and medical benefits. The strain is jam-packed with high THC potency to keep you high and relaxed. Take the necessary precautionary measures while taking this strain to keep your mind attentive.


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