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Pink X Green Crack Strain Review

Being ranked among the best- looking strains, Pink X Green Crack Strain is so much prevalent due to its potent high. It is a cross between the famous Pink Kush and Green Crack strains. Its high is energizing and induces revitalizing cerebral buzz enough to keep you active through the day. The onset of the high will make one experience cerebral tingle erasing all negative thoughts, replacing them with a head bliss. It gets its beautiful name from its pink hairs which develop from its buds.

The THC level of Pink X Green strain ranges from 16-24%. Its Indica to Sativa ratio is 25:75 labelling it a pure Indica dominant. Its sedating effects will send you off to slumberland hence a good remedy for insomnia. Pink X Green Crack strain is highly recognized for its numerous medical effects among the Cannabis users. Its high is so relaxing hence a good remedy for people suffering from depression and stress.

Apart from its eye -catching look, Pink X Green strain boasts of its sweet taste and floral tones. It has a pungent, berry and tangy flavour. Its buds have pink hairs with sugar- like trichomes. It grows in both indoor and outdoor settings. It does well in sunny and warm climates. Pink X Green strain yields 600-700 grams per meter when grown indoors and 600-700 grams per plant in outdoor settings.

Pink X Green Crack Weed Strain Appearance

It has invisible bright green buds with pink hairs and a coating of pink white crystal trichomes. The pistils have a display of orange colours which are squarely distributed.  Moreover, the buds have pink and purple hues. The leaves of Pink X Crack Strain are forest green near the top with a light tone of tea at its base. To add on that, the leaves have a deep purple that displays shards of pink near its base.

Pink X Green Crack Cannabis Strain Fragrance

The smell of this weed strain is a vibrant blend of sweet and floral tones. It has a tangy, berry, sour and candy smell covered by gentle, earthy spices.

Pink X Green Crack Marijuana Strain Flavour

It has a unique and mouth- watering fruity tasty; which is pungent and sweet upon inhalation. It also has berry, mango, vanilla, candy and tangy taste.

Positive Effects

The high of Pink X Green Crack Cannabis weed is highly sedative. It has energizing and uplifting effects which will leave one focused and creative. The euphoric effects of this strain will make you happy after the intake. Moreover, its relaxation effects will calm your nerves down.

Negative effects

The most common side effects experienced by the users of Pink X Green Crack Marijuana Strain, are dry mouth and dry eyes. Taking plenty of fluids after the intake will eliminate dehydration. It is important to ensure that one has eye drops before taking these drugs to alleviate dry eyes. Additionally, some users have reported anxiety, paranoia and dizziness after consumption of this beautiful strain. It is therefore advisable to make sure that you don’t overdose so as to avoid paranoia, dizziness and anxiety feelings.

Medical Uses

It is evident that Pink X Green Crack Cannabis Strain has significant medical benefits to its users. Due to its ability to boost appetite, this strain is a better relief for people suffering from eating disorders; bulimia nervosa and anorexia. Its soothing and numbing effects is a better remedy for people suffering from muscle spasm, mild headache, chronic pain and fatigue. Besides that, its relaxing effect is the perfect treatment of mental diseases like stress, depression, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and mood disorders. Nevertheless, Pink X Green Crack Marijuana Strain high is so sedative that it can be a cure treatment of insomnia.


Without any further ado, Pink X Green Crack Strain proves to be not only eye- catching but also mouth- watering weed; since it is so rich in its aroma and flavours. Additionally, it is one of the beautiful strains with lots of medicinal effects to its users. Furthermore, its relaxation effects are ideal treatment of many psychological and mental issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. One puff of this Strain will create a head buzz that is tingling and leaves you calm. Its numbing and soothing effects make it the perfect strain for treatment of all pains and aches like migraines, arthritis, any pain due to injury, muscle spasm and headaches. Besides treating insomnia due to its ability to sedate people, Pink X Green Crack Marijuana strain is a good appetite booster.


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