Red Congo 28 Grams

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AAA | Sativa | THC: 18-20%

Red Congo Weed Strain Review

The well-known Red Congo weed strain is a pure Sativa, thus consists of 0% Indica. Its original breeder is not known, but its availability has been on the rise in recent years. The parents are Afghani, Africa, and a Mexican Sativa. The marijuana strain has a THC content of 18-21%. It comes with potent effects that make it suitable for both therapeutic and medical purposes.

It might take some time before you realize the full high of the strain, but once it kicks in, your attention and awareness increase suddenly. A review on the Cannabis strain indicates that it is beneficial as a day starter. Some reviews indicate that a happy and joyful feeling is the prime experience from the high. As your worries and troubles begin to fade, a focus level gets into you, assisting you in finishing your tasks. A slight tingle feeling eliminates any aches and pains as it boosts your physical senses. The high sensation leads to extreme relaxation and stimulation. As it fades, your work morale slowly declines, leaving you quiet, calm, and relaxed.

A dank fragrance fills your room immediately after opening a package of Red Congo Cannabis strain. If you are keen, you will be quick to note a spicy and berry odor that accompanies the rich cheese and fruity aroma. The flavour in the smoke is reminiscent of the scent. It is cheesy and fruity with undertones of berries and spice.

The Red Congo Weed strain takes 10-11 weeks when grown in outdoor conditions. During the harvest, expect an average yield of 12-16 ounces per square meter. The outdoor environment will give you an average yield of 16 ounces per plant. The buds are ready for harvest in late October.

Red Congo Marijuana Strain Appearance

The buds are a typical green contrast to the color red, which people could expect due to the name. The minty green inflorescence has deep orange and red accents and a thick layer of off-white trichomes covering it. When you pull the bud, you will realize a gummy substance that remains on your fingers.

Red Congo Cannabis Strain Fragrance      

Red Congo Marijuana strain may not be the best in the world when it comes to aroma. However, it has a spicy and earthy fragrance that some users consider cheesy as well.

Red Congo Weed Strain Flavour

Red Congo Cannabis strain garners a higher mark on taste. Part of its smell carries over in a refined way and further dissolves in a sweet and spicy tone that blends with a contrasting hint of grapefruit. Reviews on the strain insinuate that the flavour is way better and sweeter than the fragrance.

Positive Effects

Similar to any pure Sativa, the Red Congo Weed strain comes with a cerebral high. Moreover, high THC content adds even more weight. However, do not expect a buzzing mental high.

At its peak, the users testify of an overwhelming feeling that clears the mind. Besides, they feel an uplift and energy boost. Therefore, it is a perfect strain to assist you in completing your tasks. However, be cautious to avoid overconsumption of the potent Marijuana strain as it may be inductive psychoactive effects. But moderate consumption gives the user a happy feeling and more focus to complete their tasks. Its extreme cerebral high raises the mood as it enhances motivation.

The mental clarity that comes with the first few hits is stimulating and allows free formation and flow of thoughts. Your brain transforms into an innovative hub that produces nothing less than groundbreaking ideas. After one or two hours, the uplift begins to fade as it relaxes the muscles and reduces tension.

Negative Effects

Users of the Red Congo Marijuana strain may experience dry eyes and dry mouth. The two adverse effects are common in most Weed strains and are manageable with plenty of drinking water. There are also instances of anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness. Some users complain of headaches too. However, the remedy is to always begin with low doses and increase progressively without going beyond what your body can handle.

Medical Use

Medical users utilize the high that comes with Red Congo weed strain as a remedy for several ailments. First and foremost, the mood uplift brings an excellent feeling to the ailing person. This Weed strain is also an ideal relief for stress, depression, and PTSD.

The energy boost is crucial in reducing chronic fatigue, especially in the morning. Besides, it improves focus such that the user can move from one task to the other. The other medicinal benefit that comes with this strain is relieving of pain.


Red Congo Weed strain is ideal if you want an energy uplift and clarity of mind. It will up your social game and, at the same time, enable you to complete your tasks. Therefore, it is a strain that you should include in your day starter pack.


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